The #Hashtag Conundrum: How to use them properly for your business

We all use hashtags in our social media posts to get them more recognition. But are you actually doing more harm than good?

We see too many people overusing a hashtag and it’s used literally #EVERY #SINGLE #WORD.

STOP IT AND STOP IT NOW! It is not doing you or your business any good, and to be honest, it’s making you look like an idiot!

Woman with a mobile in her hand. Writing on top stating the post title. The Hashtag Conundrum: How to use them properly for your business.

What are hashtags?

Although initially started on Twitter back in 2007, hashtags can pretty much be used on every social media platform.

The use of a hashtag is to effectively group conversations and help your message get found as the # turns words into a clickable link. By clicking on a hashtag, it will take you to a list of posts containing the same hashtag.

This is a great way to find certain information and users to follow based on specific hashtags.

However, remember if your account is public (which, to be honest, if you’re running a business, it should be), anyone who does a search for that hashtag may find your tweet/post.

How should I be using hashtags?

There are a few things to keep in mind when using hashtags.

Firstly, remember that the word/phrase must be written without spaces. For example; #hashtagconundrum. You can use both upper and lowercase, it doesn’t affect the results, however, do not use punctuations – commas, question marks, apostrophes, full stops etc as they do not work. Numbers can be used.

Try to be as specific as you can with your hashtag. Hashtagging every other word in your post is a waste of time. You want to be using specific keywords that are relevant to your post. Your posts will get greater reach and engagement by focusing your efforts.

Keep your hashtags simple, but specific. Simply using #business will bring up a tonne of results which could take a lot of time to go through, and most may not even be relevant. Be more specific, for example; #surreybusinesses.

Remember you do not need to hashtag the same word multiple times in one tweet/post. Just once is plenty.

Pro Tips

Depending on the social media platform you are using, will depend on how many hashtags are acceptable.

For Twitter, one to three hashtags is acceptable per tweet. Whereas, Instagram is all about the hashtag and therefore it would be acceptable to use up to 30!

For more inspiration we recommend you check out to find which hashtags are relevant to you, your business and your subject matter.

There are plenty of trending topical hashtags, but remember to only get involved if it’s relevant. Often, jumping on the bandwagon of a hashtag for something that’s not relevant to you and your business can backfire.

On an end note; have fun with hashtags, just remember to double-check that they read as they should! You don’t want to be one of these #hashtagfails.

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