I don't really need a blog on my website, do I?

Whilst a blog isn't a 'must have' and some websites can get away with not having one, a well written and optimised blog can be amazing for your business.

As well as establishing you as an expert in your field, it boosts your search engine rankings, provides original content to share throughout your social media platforms, drives traffic to your website, and ultimately, generates business leads.

Why so much for a simple blog post?

To be blunt, blog and content writing is not simple. Each blog post is carefully researched and written specifically for your business, unique to you and 100% yours to keep.

We aim to use your 'tone of voice' within the post, so it flows well with your style.

Each blog post is between 500 and 1,000 words long and this takes time and a lot of effort to structure correctly and ensure we get your message across.

We also supply one copyright free image per post and ensure that it uses your specific keywords and is search engine optimised.