Is there really a social media etiquette when it comes to successfully marketing your business?

Social media itself can be a minefield for businesses and if not used correctly, it can become more of a hindrance than a help. There needs to be a fine balance when engaging online. Too strong a sales pitch or a hard sell will send people away. Too little engagement and you will struggle to find leads.

Here are a few tips on social media etiquette for successful marketing.

social media etiquette. Laptop and notepad on table.


Jumping into social media selling without a plan will hinder your efforts from the get-go. With no clear, defined goals, it is difficult to measure progress and adjust your strategy more accurately.

Make sure you set your goals before you start selling.

How many people would you like to contact per day? How many leads would be ideal for you to generate?

Putting these goals in place before you get started will enable you to stay focused and measure your success.


Social selling is all about engagement and communication between you and a prospective customer. Engage at a personal level and don’t use your platform to broadcast generic marketing messages.

Be personable and build relationships.

You may think that this is a long winding route, but overall it gets the best results. People will feel a connection to you and your business and therefore, are more willing to purchase from you. People buy people, remember!


Be yourself and show your personality. The more you act like yourself on social media, the easier it is to build trust with people. If you’re not committed to genuinely forging a relationship on your social media, then it will show through and come across as fake. Not something you want to portray online.


When engaging with someone on social media, it’s important to add value to the conversation. Blind pitching of your service/product on social media is the worst thing to do and will be detrimental to your sales cycle. Instead, offer something of value that can solve a problem. You want a prospective customer to think of you as a trusted resource.


There is a lot of information to be found on social media from industry news, competitor’s features to customer pain points and much more. All you have to do to gain this is to listen. Simply logging into your social media accounts just to send out blanket messages will create a missed opportunity for researching, listening and engaging with potential customers.


We all know that the best way to close a sale is to establish yourself as a trusted resource to a potential customer. Once you have their trust, the sell becomes easier. However, this is not something to do on social media! Once you’ve built the trust, move the conversation offline and use either the telephone or email to close a deal.

If you still need a hand with your social media marketing, then why not contact us to see if we can help you.

Keep It Simple

Go with a clean, uncluttered layout. Keep copy to the point, and try to stick to 3 colours.

Call To Action

Start with this rather than a welcome. Identify the problem(s) you can solve for your customers.

Problem Solved

Show the benefits of your service(s) / product(s), and how you can help.

Show Proof

Share your customer reviews and testimonials.

Social Media Links

Make sure your links are in place and up to date.

Use Your Brand Voice

Be consistent with your own voice across your posts and engagement.

Be Positive

Excite and inspire. Avoid criticising at all costs.

Short And Simple

Time is precious. Speak simply and quickly to keep attention.

Video And Images

A picture paints a thousand words. Use them to get your message across quicker, and build more engagement.

Call To Action

Prompt your audience to take action at the end of your posts. Get them to follow, like, or visit your website to further engage.

Post Regularly

Status updates on what you are doing, examples of work, media content, and how you can help.

Participate In Groups

Regular interaction in groups builds engagement, awareness, and shows your expertise.

Display Recommendations

These are word-of-mouth endorsements of your business and give you credibility.

Use Your Connections

These can give you an in with other connections and businesses.

Try LinkedIn Advertising

Advertising on LinkedIn is still relatively cheap and can get you seen by your target audience more quickly.

Spreading Yourself Too Thin

If you are just starting out, pick one or two platforms to concentrate on initially.

Not Engaging

Respond to comments and messages. All social media is measured by engagement. Ignore your audience at your peril.

Quality Over Quantity

Are you posting worthwhile content? Or just posting for the sake of posting.

Not Using Video

Video is king. The engagement rate is massive compared to other content.

Avoid these and your social media will reward you.

Mix It Up

Post varied content types. Video is King, but also utilise graphics, photos, GIF’s, and more.


Look at your page analytics. Track what’s working and what’s not, and the best times to reach your audience.


Reply to comments, ask questions, and respond to direct messages quickly.

Facebook Live

Broadcast to your audience. Share tips and knowledge. Show yourself, and your expertise.


Share good and relevant content from others. Curate content and post links with your own thoughts.